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Michelle Lee Coaching

The executive woman’s safe place to be yourself wholly and authentically to discover your underlying potential that will enable you to have the impact and success you always imagined you would have. 

This is where you get the unconditional support from one who understands your fears, your internal conflicts, and the obstacles that are within the corporate culture.  I also understand the subconscious mind and gender bias and how they work together to undermine your success and impact.  

…and of course how to transcend all of it so that you can have the impact you were born to have while living a fulfilled, joyful, and fully authentic life

What I Do

I help you, the ambitious, driven executive to excavate, embody and lead from your authentic power.  

The workplace has historically been a man’s domain.  As a result you’ve had to shut down some of your instincts in order to reach this level of your success.  

Coming into a “man’s domain” is like being on the visiting team for a football game. You don’t have the home team advantage because you’re not used to the atmosphere, you don’t have the fans or support system the home team has, so much of your energy is used just trying to figure out who to trust, what not to and what to say and to whom, and what the unspoken rules are. 

It’s been exhausting but it’s what you had to do to succeed so far.  But your next level of impact and success comes from you leading from your power and instinct that you’ve been taught that you can’t trust.  

I am the support for you that men have always had.  Men have always had the home team advantage and they get to work in packs, supporting and defending one another. 

But for you, the driven, ambitious woman, you’ve had to lone wolf it

Not anymore!  

Our work together will shed light on the ways you sabotage yourself, how your own gender bias works against you, you will discover and transform your greatest fears, and discover how to TRULY have balance and harmony in every area of your life. 

  • You will embody your courage rather than wear it like a mask.
  • You will discover how to navigate even the most hostile personalities and make allies out of everyone…authentically
  • You will transcend corporate culture and gender bias

As a result you will have the success and impact you always imagined without sacrificing your values, yourself or your joy! 


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