About Michelle

Michelle Mary-Sophia Lee is the co-founder, with her daughter Megan Camille, of The Sophia Mystery School for Extraordinary People. She’s a women’s empowerment mentor and recently learned during an Ayahuasca journey that she carries the Mary-Sophia codex. She started on her soul’s path of empowering women by helping them to reclaim their power in the birthing process 27 years ago.

Michelle is a mystic, psychic, and a direct conduit of Mary-Sophia, Mother of Jesus. She deeply understands that for humanity to thrive, women must first thrive.

Michelle’s Soul’s purpose and mission is to transform the female experience on Earth by helping women awaken to and embody their divinity, value, and soul’s purpose. Her clients skyrocket their self-worth and confidence which then manifests as financial freedom, purposeful, meaningful, and joyful living in all ways.

Women working with Michelle learn to access, trust, and follow their inner wisdom to create the life that feeds their soul.

Michelle is the author of Fall in Love…with your Self hypnotic journey mp3 and the creator of countless weekend workshops including “Mind Magic” and “Self-Love: How to Get There from Here” and most recently her book, From Profit to Power: Your Guide to Claiming YOUR Worth.

Michelle and her daughter Megan host sacred medicine retreats and spiritual retreats around the globe to support humanity in their awakening to the truth of their divinity and power.  They believe this is required for the healing of humanity and our mother Gaia.    

You can reach Michelle at Michelle@TheSophiaMysterySchool.com.

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