About Michelle

As an Author, Speaker and Coach for more than 24 years, I have been helping women transform their lives by embodying their true self-worth, transcending gender bias and leading from their authentic power.

Women working with me shed their self-doubt, imposter syndrome,  people pleasing tendencies and learn to trust their instincts so they can have the success and impact they were born to have. 

I authored the book, From Profit to Power: Your Guide to Claiming YOUR Worth, Fall in Love…with your Self hypnotic journey CD and the countless weekend workshops including Mind Magic and Self-Love: How to Get There from Here

My journey of empowering women began 25 years ago as a result of postpartum depression after my third child.  That’s when my instincts really felt the wrong-ness of my experience of birth and postpartum.  From then I could really identify the inequities of being female.  I began looking for a way to transform the birthing process for women and I found HypnoBirthing the Mongan Method.  I became certified in the program and I started teaching women how to trust their body during labor and deliver to have a more relaxing and painless…yes, painless childbirth. 

When I witnessed women transcend the experience of what they had always been taught was true about their body and birth by having a completely painless and peaceful birth the question: “what else do we as women believe about ourselves that is a total lie?”   

Turns out, just about everything.

My entire life has been dedicated to helping women shed the beliefs and fears that keep us playing the secondary role.  Our planet needs women leaders who have the courage to lead from their authentic power.  But first you must reconnect with that power and learn to trust it. 

As an ambitious, driven woman you’ve had to protect yourself and create an armour around you to get to where you are.  Now that you’re there, it’s time to shed the armour and show the world what female leadership truly is. 

My commitment to you is to be the unconditional support you may have never had, to be the eyes that see your power, wisdom and ability even when you can’t, to be the net that catches you when you fall and the springboard that stands you back up stronger than ever.  I will be your midwife that supports you in birthing the You that until now you never got to be. 

With Love,

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