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Super Charge Your Confidence Workshop:
When: January 16, 2021
Where: Zoom
Time: 9:30 am – 1:30 pm MST
  • Do you ever fear being seen as an imposter?
  • Do you hold back when you want to contribute an idea?
  • Do you worry about being judged if you speak your mind?
  • Do you ever get stuck in overwhelm, anxiety, or fear of failure…or worse, the fear of success?
  • Do you over commit and then beat yourself up for not being able to say no?


Here’s my favorite…

Do you feel guilty when you work because you’re not with your family and then you feel guilty when you’re with your family because you’re not working?

I know!
I used to too.

If you said yes to any of these questions, then don’t waste another moment!

You get to be free of this emotional roller coaster.

During this 4-hour interactive workshop you will:

  • Learn the four powerful obstacles that destroy your confidence, keep you in self-sabotage and saying yes when you want to say no
  • Overcome those obstacles
  • Embody the foundation of unstoppable self-confidence


Be ready to breakthrough to the Unstoppable You!

Register Now. $47

Super Charge Your Confidence Workshop




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