Akashic Record Reading and Clearing


Become conscious of who you are at a soul level through an Akashic Record Reading and Clearing.



Discover who you are beyond who you appear to be in this lifetime.  With this reading you will learn from which Soul Group you come (your soul’s origin), the Archangel(s) you work closest with, your soul specializations and so much more.  Just how old is your soul?  During what times in history have you incarnated?  And this is just the history of your soul.  

In the clearing portion of this reading, I identify your greatest blocks and barriers from dark influences such as negative emotional, spiritual, and mental programming, soul contracts, vows, unnecessary karma, energetic damage, inappropriate connections to parallel or past lives, and more that prevent you from living up to your highest path and purpose.

Discover and Activate the wisdom of your soul and begin with a spiritual clean slate.  

With this reading you receive one 1-hour session for me to share and explain what I found and cleared and a second 30-minute follow-up call within 2 weeks.  

Success story

“First of all, I never share my thoughts and feelings about something so personal as my healings. However, I feel it is important to share a bit of my story. When I first came upon Michelle’s site, I was in an internal crisis and had been for quite some time. My baby brother, who had just turned 22 suddenly passed away and three years prior, I had experienced two very significant life changing tragedies. I read Michelle’s work and was immediately drawn to her. I have been working with Michelle for about a year now. She has helped me release some deep seated “soul wounds” from my past and present life. During each session, Michelle explained each step of the healing phase so I would understand and be able to process the information. Additionally, she was open to questions after the session was completed. Michelle works directly from the divine (God) and is able to heal the “soul wound” gently, compassionately and with total love. She is an extraordinary individual and healer. Thank you Michelle for sharing your gifts with the world and helping me heal my ‘soul wounds’!” – Angela, Nevada


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