60-minute Intuitive Breakthrough Session


60-Minute Intuitive Breakthrough Session

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Feeling stuck?

The income you want, the confidence you thought you had, the intimate relationship feels just out of reach…

And no matter what you do (and you’ve done it all) you can’t seem to achieve that next level.  

If this sounds like you then the 60-minute Intuitive Breakthrough Session is for you. 

Here’s what you can expect from our 60 minutes together on Zoom.  You will become aware of your own hidden patterns that are creating the stuckness, where they originated and guide you in releasing the belief and the secondary benefit of staying stuck.  

In short, you will breakthrough! 

What you can focus on in your 60-minute Intuitive Breakthrough Session:
– Income plateau
– Relationship challenges
– Public speaking event
– Unexpected emotional challenges
– Fear/Anxiety
– Preparation for a difficult conversation
– Preparation for a test ie. Real Estate, Bar Exam

The truth is you don’t know what you don’t know and it’s that blind spot that keeps you spinning your wheels and even sabotaging your own progress.  

During your session we will reveal and clear your unconscious contracts that prevent you from reaching your next level of success, joy, fulfillment and abundance. 


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